I wished I could fall asleep and be taken off to some magical land, and this never happened. —Badlands (1973) dir. Terrence Malick

It’s like I said all that time ago, if the world doesn’t end I wanna be here at home, with you. And that’s how I live now.
-How I Live Now (dir. Kevin Mcdonald) (2013)

❝ Angry, and half in love with you, and tremendously sorry, I turned away. ❞
F. Scott Fitzgerald (via sleepychick)

Series 5 + Details

❝ I shall continue to exist. I may assume other disguises, other forms, but I shall try to exist. ❞
Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire  (via mirroir)

ahs: Murder House ৴ 105 Halloween (part two)
"I feel like I’m doomed for all of eternity to be trapped in an unhappy, adulterous relationship, working on this goddamn house. Which will never be just the way I want it."you are.

I almost wish we were butterflies, and lived but three summer days. Three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.